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Expert Credentials: Donald D. Rager, P.E.

P.O. Box  200, Coles Point, VA USA 22442-0200
Phone 804-472-5742, FAX 804-472-4680, e-mail: ddrager@ragerconsulting.com

  Highlights of Qualifications

              Extensive background in aluminum manufacturing and fabrication

            Revisionary responsibility in Committees for AWS Structural Welding Codes

            Excellent problem analysis skills

            Flawless interface with your team or independent research and findings

            Power computer user with extensive database experience  

            5-Year BWE (Bachelor's in Welding Engineering) from Ohio State University

  Professional Experience

Professional Credentials

Registered Professional Engineer in Virginia and Ohio;

Current Chair and member of American Welding Society’s Structural Welding Committee which controls fabrication of all non-pressure vessel welded construction in the United States and throughout the world. Examples are buildings, bridges and offshore oil platforms.  
Member of Technical Activities Committee, an oversight for all standards published by AWS. 
Past-Chair of the Committee for Aluminum Structures and Qualification Subcommittees.

     Consulting and Analysis

On-site contractor oversight of several Canadian fabricators for steel building and bridge projects in the United States;

Failure analysis study of welds for a large electronics firm;

Writing of welding procedures for welding both steel and aluminum with various welding processes, joint configurations and welding positions;

Providing recommendations in response to inquiries regarding welded structures;

Writing of Quality Manuals for several fabricators seeking AISC Certification;

Resolving arc-starting problem on automated robotic line by working with power supply vendor to modify control circuitry.


Managed software development designers in implementation of project planning and cost reporting system for corporate research and development organization;

Directed Reynolds Metals’ participation in jointly sponsored Gas Research Institute/Babcock & Wilcox/Reynolds project to develop and test an immersion tube melting furnace concept;

Managed welding, machine shops, foundry and building services for Reynolds Metals Experimental Research Division.

     Project Engineering

        Project Manager, multi-million-dollar plant expansion, increase production capacity by one-third, major manufacturer of transformer wire;

Project Engineer, $33M production expansion, Reynolds plate manufacturing facility;

Scheduling Manager, $65M cold rolling mill re-powering project;

Welding Engineer for team that built only all-aluminum Corvette prototype.

     Research & Development

Basic research using direct current, straight polarity gas-tungsten-arc welding process to join up to half-inch plate from one side using square-butt joint without filler metal additions;

Developed advanced spot welding electrode to improve tip life in aluminum spot welding;

Co-developed method for joining stranded oil impregnated aluminum electrical cable used in the San Francisco BART mass transportation system.

  Employment History and Education

            2000-Present: Rager Consulting, Incorporated

            1968-2000: Reynolds Metals Company, Richmond, VA

1967-1968: Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, PA

1962-1967: BS in Welding Engineering (5 year degree), The Ohio State University

Contact Information
TELEPHONE 804.472.5742     FAX 804.472.4680
P. O. BOX 200, COLES POINT, VIRGINIA, US 22442-0200

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